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Mona Hussein is the creative force behind her design offices of Mona Hussein Design House  (MHDH) & Mahally with Mona Hussein. 

She first launched a lighting showroom ‐Temple of Light‐ in 1992 in the World Trade Center of  Cairo. In 1993, Mona established MHDH Office, a 27 years old company by now. 

Honing her talent for design, she expanded her Interior Design House into Landscape,  Architecture, Product Design and Branding. 

As a designer, Mona Hussein understands the importance of creating unique and inspiring  spaces for her clients whether the project is Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Architecture or  Landscape. 
Being part of an award winning project "Designopolis", Mona Hussein has made her mark on  many of Egypt's most elegant interiors and projects. 

In addition to leading a creative and ambitious team of designers and architects, Mona Hussein  keeps the creative juices flowing by encouraging the team to seek inspiration from the smallest  of details that surrounds them. She also keeps sharing with them the most recent developments  in the international design scene. To ensure the team remains stimulated and continuously  evolving. 

"It is the understanding of the client's vision for their project and translating that into a creative  yet functional design is what makes this job so gratifying." Mona Hussein.

MHDH and MAHALLY were honored to win:

  1. The GOLD category for the World Quality Commitment Award in 2014 by the BID based on the criteria of the principles of the QC100 TQM.
  2. The Gold award of the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) for the Designopolis landscape project.
  3. A’Design Award 2013 Golden Award for the Positive & Negative Paravent (Furniture Decorative Items & Home ware Design Category).
  4. A’Design Award 2014 Iron Award for the Ripple Applique Lighting (Lighting Products & Lighting Projects Category).
  5. A’Design Award 2019 Bronze Award for the Na3na3 Restaurant (Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category)
  6. MHDH was part of the Fouka Bay team awarded Top Mediterranean Resort Development for 2018.