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In landscape design, traditional statuesque sculpting has faded into the shadows of the growing post-modernist concepts behind urban planning and landscape design. The world’s best design visionaries gave birth to the new concept of interactive sculpting. Modern sculptures are widely integrated into communities for aesthetic and functional purposes; this combination suits the needs of our evolving interactive social societies. The integration of sculpture in urban planning has been revived back into the streets in Egypt by contemporary artists in the Egyptian scene to give space a story.

The Symposium was the outcome of a nation who had faced a major transition that affected all angles of social, political, cultural and economic environments. Foreign and Egyptian artists played a liberating role by creating pure art for the people to use, see and integrate into their lives in the name of freedom and solidarity, two feelings that had been seldom found in Egypt’s communities.

Introduction SYMPOSIUM 2011 SYMPOSIUM 2012 Tatweer Misr - IL Monte Galala - 2016