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The Design Team at the Banaty foundation

A workshop experience that will not be forgotten
"The best feeling in the world is to see that drive to learn from these children; and to actually do something about it" said Dina Tahoun, one of the designers. Using palm wood and paint, this workshop was all about teaching these children about palm trees and all their different uses; creating a fun workshop; that kept the children interested.

Banaty is a foundation based on the belief of working together to change the living conditions of street children. Their objective is to eliminate street kids in Cairo urban areas; giving all children better life conditions through developing their mental, psychological being and giving them proper education.

Mona Hussein Design House arranged this workshop with banaty for the designers to spend quality time with the children and teach them something new. They spent three days giving them the support they needed throughout the workshop; creating a fun, effective, and educational atmosphere; as well as developing a relationship with these children.

After teaching them about palm wood and giving them inspirations, we assigned each child to design their own product; providing them with all the materials needed and the professionals that deal with palm wood; creating trays, tables, frames, and jewelry boxes. They then painted their products with their favorite colors.

The children were very accepting and excited to learn something new. Periodically Mona Hussein will make it a point for the design team to create workshops that will teach these children something new in the design world.

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